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Maths Flash Cards (Year 1)

Maths Flash Cards (Year 1)

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Each box of Get Ahead Mathematics Flash Cards (Year 1) contains a comprehensive set of 200 mathematics flash cards designed to help your child learn and master Year 1 mathematics.

The set of Year 1 flash cards covers the five content strands of the latest Australian Mathematics Curriculum (Version 9) including Number, Algebra, Measurement, Space and Statistics.

The mathematics content covers all the proficiencies including understanding, fluency, problem-solving and reasoning.

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Flash Card Features


Each mathematics flash card is large and easy-to-read with maths questions on the front and clearly explained worked answers on the back. The flash cards feature full colour images to help your child to better understand the mathematics concepts and explanations. These quality flash cards are printed on thick card stock with matte coating and rounded edges for durability and easy handling by you and your child. 

Each flash card features a colour-coded system which identifies the strand (e.g. Number), the topic (e.g. Sharing) and the content number (e.g. AC9M1N06).

The cards come in a clear plastic flash cards box with a flip top lid for storage.

The box set also contains a separator card labelled ‘Mastered’, which is designed to help you keep track of the flash cards your child has successfully mastered. This allows you and your child to better understand your child’s mastery across the strands and topics as well as any gaps in knowledge and understanding to focus on.

Topics covered

The flash cards cover five content strands including Number, Algebra, Measurement, Space and Statistics.*

Within each strand, various topics are covered such as tally marks, even and odd numbers, hundreds chart, number names, ordering, estimation, number line, rounding, doubles, halves, place value, MAB blocks, arrow cards, skip counting, addition, subtraction, jump strategy, split strategy, think board, Australian money, patterns, length, mass, capacity, duration, lines, quadrilateral, parallelogram, rhombus, flip, slide, turn, position, picture graphs and so on.

* In the latest curriculum, Probability is not covered in Year 1 and is covered in primary school Years 3 to 6.


The flash cards are A6 in size with dimensions 148 mm (width) x 105 mm (height). 

The external dimensions of the clear plastic flash card box are 16.5 cm (width) x 12.5 cm (height) x 9.5 cm (depth). 

The total weight of the flash cards and box is approximately 1440 grams.

The flash cards are printed double-sided in full colour on quality 350gsm Artboard (FSC*) with a matte celloglaze coating on the front and back with rounded edges.

*FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council which promotes sustainable forestry.

Bonus Home Activities Pack

Get Ahead Home Activities Pack: All customers who order a set of Get Ahead Flash Cards are emailed a link to our Free Home Activities Pack. The Home Activities Pack contains a series of activities for you and your child to complete at home at their own pace. The Home Activities Pack is available to download here for free.

Home Activities Pack contains a series of downloadable PDF files designed to reinforce various topics in the Get Ahead Maths Flash Cards. The pack contains: Tables (+ – × ÷) and Tests, Maths in the Real World, and Nets Cutouts.

To start your Get Ahead Maths Journey right away, a link to these PDF files will be emailed to you at the time of ordering your Flash Cards to allow you and your child to:

1. Learn the tables (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and do the tests on the tables.

2. Do home activities that bring maths into the real world whilst reinforcing understanding of primary maths.

3. Create 3D shapes from the nets cutouts provided to help consolidate their knowledge and understanding of nets of 3D objects.