Get Ahead Maths Journey

The Get Ahead Maths Journey is an exciting new maths program designed to help primary school aged children to reach their full potential, become good problem solvers and, most importantly, to love maths! When someone is good at something, they usually love it. Loving maths will motivate kids to seek out additional maths topics and problems to explore and enjoy.

The Get Ahead Maths Journey has two key parts:

Get Ahead Flash Cards: Flash cards are at the core of the Get Ahead Maths Journey. Each box of flash cards contains a comprehensive set of 200 mathematics flash cards designed to help your child learn and master the maths topics for a full year of the mathematics curriculum. Learn more about the flash cards here.

Get Ahead Home Activities Pack: The Home Activities Pack contains a series of activities for you and your child to complete at home at their own pace. Home Activities Pack contains a series of downloadable PDF files designed to reinforce various topics in the Get Ahead Maths Flash Cards. The pack contains: Tables (+ – × ÷) and Tests, Maths in the Real World, and Nets Cutouts. All customers who order a set of Get Ahead Flash Cards are emailed a link to our Free Home Activities Pack. The Home Activities Pack is available to download here for free.

The six steps of the Get Ahead Maths Journey:

Step 1: Place an order for the Flash Cards for your child. Learn more about which sets of Flash Cards to order for your child here.

Step 2: Once your Flash Cards have been ordered, the Home Activities Workbooks will be sent to your inbox to allow you and your child to get started on your Get Ahead Maths Journey.

Step 3: Within the Home Activities Pack, use the Tables (+ – × ÷) and Tests workbook to help your child to learn and test the maths facts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division tables. Continue throughout the journey until your child achieves mastery.

Step 4: Within the Home Activities Pack, use the Maths in the Real World workbook to help your child to work through these home activities which are designed to bring maths into the real world so they can see how useful math is in real life situations. Continue throughout the journey at your child’s own pace.

Step 5: Once your Get Ahead Flash Cards arrive, work through each of the flash cards one by one until your child has successfully mastered each flash card by achieving a deep understanding of the topics on the flash card. Continue throughout the journey to aim to remember the key maths concepts on the flash cards.

If your child struggles with maths, has gaps in their knowledge, or would benefit from consolidating their maths skills, work through the sets of flash cards for the previous year levels before the set of flash cards for their current year level. Alternatively, use the diagnostics tests as a guide to which year level of the flash cards to order. Once your child has completed the flash cards for their current year level, then aim to work through the sets of flash cards for the higher year levels.

Step 6: Apply the knowledge and skills gained from the flash cards to other mathematics workbooks for your child’s year level to allow your child to consolidate and advance their maths skills further.

Step 7: Once your child has built their problem solving skills and their confidence, your child can practice their problem solving by doing relevant year official Naplan tests and Naplan style tests.

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